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Babolat Tennis Rackets

spacer Babolat Pure Drive

Pure Drive has superb power, spin, maneuverability & versatility and offers improved feel.

B192-1 . . . . . $149.00

spacer Babolat Pure Drive

AeroPro Drive is Nadal's racket of choice and offers a truly exceptional blend of maneuverability, stability & playability.

B191-1 . . . . . $169.00

spacer Babolat Aeropro Drive GT

AeroPro Drive GT is aerodynamic for a faster stroke and upgraded with GT technology for a strengthened frame to reduce torque to provide greater precision.

B155-2 . . . . . $159.00

spacer Babolat AeroPro Team

AeroPro Team is built for spin and power. This speedy racket whips very powerfully through the hitting zone. Great for beginners through intermediated to add spin & pace.

B193-1 . . . . . $169.00

spacer New Babolat Drive Z Lite

Drive Z Lite offers superb maneuverability & feel upon ball strike. Easy to swing fast for plenty of spin on strokes & serve. Powerful with a head heavy balance & larger sweet spot. Cortex in the handle gives good comfort.

B166-1 . . . . . $139.00

spacer 2015 Babolat Aero Pro Team

New AeroPro Team's open 16x19 pattern, stiff beam & lightning fast feel are perfect for creating power & spin. At net, the speedy feel helps with fast exchanges & put-aways. On serves the light weight translates very effectively into slices & kicks. Good for players looking for great control along with easy spin and power.

B212-1 . . . . . $199.00

spacer 2015 Babolat Drive 115

New Drive 115 is a great option for beginners who want comfort & power & for savvy doubles players looking to regain a lost step. At 27.5 length it has added leverage for easier access to pace & spin on serves. With a large head & firm beam, you have some serious power. This is a great option for those who want a light oversize racquet with an impressive level of power & comfort.

B211-1 . . . . . $159.00

spacer 2015 Babolat Drive Lite

New Pure Drive Lite is very light weight and ideal for players who need a speedy racquet that accelerates almost effortlessly. We think it's great for beginners and juniors, along with being a solid option for intermediates who want an ultra light racquet. All in all it is a great option for the 3.0+ player looking for a light racquet with tons of spin potential and controllable power. Pink/Black or Blue/White

B210-1 . . . . . $189.00

spacer 2015 Babolat AeroPro Lite

New AeroPro Lite GT swings easier than its predecessor which allows a wider variety of players to tap into the spin and power. From the baseline, it is powerful & stable. Fast feel at net makes for effortless preparation & easy put-aways. On serves, the lighter weight & aerodynamic beam allow for controlled & powerful acceleration. It's an extremely user-friendly stick, especially when it comes to adding spin and power.

B213 . . . . . $169.00

spacer 2015 Babolat Pure Drive

New Pure Drive offers the kind of power, precision and mobility that should appeal to everyone from strong beginners to the professional ranks. However, it reserves its greatest charm for aggressive baseliners who like to dictate action with pace & spin. New to this version is FSI Technology which not only lifts the sweetspot but also tightens the spaces between the upper cross strings to give players a more responsive contact zone.

H209-1 . . . . . $199.00

spacer 2015 Pure Aero

Babolat gives the legendary AeroPro Drive a big makeover. Renamed Pure Aero, it has a more aerodynamic beam & higher swingweight giving it some ball crushing momentum & welcomed boost in stability, plow-through & comfort. Enlargement of grommet holes to increase ball bite and wider spacing between the crosses allows the strings to snap the ball out of the stringbed with extra RPMs. This update helps keeps the racquet steadier through impact & produces a lethal combination of pace & spin on.

B214-1 . . . . . $219.00