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Head Tennis Rackets

spacer You Tek Mojo

You Tek Mojo (no cover) has antitorsion bars to provide extra stability to make it perfect for an aggressive and powerful game.

H153-2 . . . . . $70.00

spacer You Tek Raptor MP

You Tek Raptor MP (no cover) brings out the best in every player. Great lightweight racquet with d3o smart material that adapts to your play and provides excellent power and control.

H154-2 . . . . . $70.00

spacer Head MicroGel Raptor

MicroGel Raptor in both MP and OS is excellent, leightwieght power coupled with access to control. Great transitional racket for juniors or anyone who is ready for the next step. Very playable, rock solid feel and uinque touch.

H188-2 . . . . . $70.00

spacer Head Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro

With its a crisp and lively feel, the Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro offers a nice blend of power and precision. With its very manageable weight and lively feel, this a great option for any player looking for a spin friendly weapon with truly impressive versatility.

H199-1 . . . . . $199.95

spacer Head Graphene XT Instinct S

Graphene XT Instinct S gives beginners and intermediates fast feel and surgical response. At only 10 ounces, this racquet accelerates with remarkable ease, making it easy for rising juniors and developing adults to generate the stroke speed needed for effective pace and spin.

H202 . . . . . $179.95

spacer Head Graphene XT Speed S

Graphene XT Speed S offers the benefits of the standard MP version but in a slightly faster and more maneuverable package which allows a wide range of intermediates to create effective pace and spin. From the baseline this racquet feels mobile and precise, with plenty of pop available to those who like to turn up the heat.

H200 . . . . . $199.95

spacer Head Graphene XT Instinct MP

Graphene XT MP offers an explosive blend of power, precision and maneuverability. Aggressive players looking to dominate the court with pace and spin should find this to be a very effective weapon. It is lively and very accurate, and the open 16x19 string pattern supplies all the bite that is needed to hit effective topspin and slice for intermediate & advanced players.

H204-1 . . . . . $179.95

spacer Head Graphene Instinct PWR

With more weight in the head the Graphene XT Instinct PWR, beginners & finesse players will experience more stability on impact and achieve depth with shorter strokes. At net, it combines a large hitting area with speed & stability for easier volleying. The extended length translates into power on serves, and the open 16x19 string pattern enables the player to control the ball with spin.

H203-1 . . . . . $169.95

spacer Head Graphene XT Speed MP

Graphene XT Speed MP A is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who want a light player's racquet with controllable power. With its crisp and precise response, this stick feels very accurate and predictable across a variety of stroke speeds. With the ability to switch between a 16x19 and 16x16 string pattern, this racquet gives the player an almost unprecedented level of control over the racquet's response.

H201-1 . . . . . $199.95

spacer Head Graphene Extreme MP A

Graphene XT Extreme MP A gives intermediate and advanced players a lively spin monster with very precise delivery. New to this version is Head's Adaptive String Pattern which enables the player to switch between an open 16x19 string pattern and an ultra grippy 16x16 one. From strong beginners to advanced ball strikers, this racquet's sheer versatility should enable a large range of players to create pace and spin.

H205 . . . . . $169.95

spacer 2015 Babolat Pure Drive

New Pure Drive offers the kind of power, precision and mobility that should appeal to everyone from strong beginners to the professional ranks. However, it reserves its greatest charm for aggressive baseliners who like to dictate action with pace & spin. New to this version is FSI Technology which not only lifts the sweetspot but also tightens the spaces between the upper cross strings to give players a more responsive contact zone.

H209-1 . . . . . $199.00

spacer Head Graphene XT Extreme Lite

Graphene XT Extreme Lite will give strong beginners a maneuverable weapon that swings easily with plenty of comfort. Intermediate players looking for a light racquet with controllable power & spin should also like this racquet. From the baseline the Extreme Lite feels explosive and accurate. Burgeoning topspin players will find very easy access to spin. The light weight definitely comes in handy at net, where this stick plays great on fast exchanges.

H206 . . . . . $169.95

spacer Head Graphene Radical MP

Graphene Radical MP comes with Head's 16x19 Dynamic String Pattern which concentrates more mains in the heart of the racquet for greater directional control, while leaving the edges more open for less shock and power loss on off center hits. From the baseline the racquet has spin and control on the fastest swings. At net the Graphene Radical MP moves very fast, making it easier on rapid exchanges.The fast feel is also a huge asset on service returns where this one proves quite explosive.

H207 . . . . . $169.95

spacer Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro

Graphene XT Extreme Pro delivers a powerful weapon loaded with spin potential. With its near 12 ounce weight& whippy light head balance, this stick is perfect for stronger players who want decent stability without sacrificing speed. From the backcourt it should work very well for the baseliner who likes to dominate points with big pace. At net the combination of speed & stability makes for quick reactions & solid impact. Aggressive servers looking to force weak returns should love this racquet.

H208 . . . . . $169.95