Coach K's

Tennis Rackets

spacer Babolat Pure Drive

Pure Drive has superb power, spin, maneuverability & versatility and offers improved feel.

B192-1 . . . . . $149.00

spacer Babolat Pure Drive

AeroPro Drive is Nadal's racket of choice and offers a truly exceptional blend of maneuverability, stability & playability.

B191-1 . . . . . $169.00

spacer Babolat C-Drive 105

C-Drive 105 features side-cortex for stronger beginners through intermediates. It's light, powerful, spin-friendly & easy to swing.

R194-1 . . . . . $90.00

spacer Babolat AeroPro Team

AeroPro Team is built for spin and power. This speedy racket whips very powerfully through the hitting zone. Great for beginners through intermediated to add spin & pace.

B193-1 . . . . . $169.00

spacer Head YouTek IG Instinct

Used YouTek IG Instinct has comfortable, solid feel, & stability. Open string pattern gives bite to hit topspin and slice. Versatile racket for players looking for spin, maneuverability, power & comfort.

R177-2 . . . . . $70.00

spacer Head Graphene Instinct Power

Used Graphene Instinct Power with extended length & light weight is ideal for beginners & intermediates looking for power & comfort. Pace & spin come very easily. Length: 27.7 inches. Head is 115 square inches.

R198-1 . . . . . $100.00

spacer New Babolat Drive Z Lite

Drive Z Lite offers superb maneuverability & feel upon ball strike. Easy to swing fast for plenty of spin on strokes & serve. Powerful with a head heavy balance & larger sweet spot. Cortex in the handle gives good comfort.

B166-1 . . . . . $139.00

spacer Head Graphene Instinct MP

Used Graphene Instinct MP for intermediate through advanced players to find excellent spin & controllable power with this arm-friendly racket. Ideal for players who prefer a good compromise between maneuverability and stability.

R196-1 . . . . . $90.00

spacer Babolat AeroPro Team GT

Used AeroPro Team GT a light, fast feeling racquet that makes it easy to hit with spin & pace has a solid and comfortable feel. On serve players will find it easy to generate head speed needed for both pace and spin. For 3.5 + players seeking a blend of power, control & excellent maneuverability.

R163-2 . . . . . $109.00

spacer Head YouTek Speed MP

Used YouTek Speed MP (16x19) YouTek technology has "smart material" & able to sense the needs of the player during different strokes - more power on high impact strokes & softer touch on slow speed strokes. The perfect combination of power & feel for heavy hitters with longer, faster swing styles. For 4.0-7.0 level players.

R167-1 . . . . . $70.00