Coach K's


String Gauge Characteristics Color(s) Price
Head C3 Rocket 16 Maximum control/more touch white $22
Head FXP 17 Maximum control/more touch natural $20
Head FXP Tour 16 Unprecedented power, comfort and control blue, black $20
Head Hawk Touch 17 control and ultimate touch dark gray $22
Head Hawk 16 control and power silver $22
Head Lynx 17 Lively touch and perfect control grey $20
Head RIP Control 16 Excellent feel, touch, control and spin enhancement black/white, gold/white $22
Head Sonic Pro Edge 16 durable and control dark silver $22
Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16, 17 PowerStrip adds resilience creating power and increased durability white, black $17
Head Velocity MLT 16 Perfect combination of power and comfort $20
Babolat M7 16, 17 Power and comfort for non string breakers white $18
Babolat N.VY 16 Comfort and feel blue $17
Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 Super durability and feel natural $22
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 Durability and control for string breakers natural $22
Babolat RPM Blast 16 All-around performance dark grey $26
Babolat SG SpiralTek 16, 17 Feel Natural $17
Babolat Tonic + Feel 16 Natual gut for extra feel, power and spin natural $38
Gamma Synthetic Gut with Duralast 16 All-around performance silver $17
Solinco Tour Bite 17, 18, 19 spin silver $25


Grip Characteristics Color(s) Price
Head HydroSorb Tour Added comfort and maximum tackiness black $8
Head Multizone More feel and maximum tackiness for Power Series rackets black $8
Head Soft Tac Traction Soft, durable, more touch black, blue $8
Babolat, Head, Wilson and Gamma Overgrip Many colors plus black and white $1.25